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Thursday, February 11

8:55am MST

10:20am MST

Consistent Leadership - Interactive Session 007 FeatureCassie Campbell-Pascall Developing Fluency with Additive Thinking 012 Numeracy (elem. focus)Cathy Coers Food Explorers: Sparking curiosity with nutrition education 008 HealthBarbara Inglis How to differentiate effectively while teaching online. 004 Collaboration (elem. focus)Bre Knull President Schilling: Unplugged ATAJason Schilling The latest on how to learn, read, study and memorize better, faster, more efficiently and use "photographic memory", music and other tips to enhance learning. 005 Collaboration (sec. focus)Carole Poche Using metacognitive strategies and technology together to improve learning in your classroom. 023 Technology for TeachingColleen Yoshida Humane Education: Creating a Caring Classroom 016 Safe&CaringDon Seller Keeping the Doors Open 009 LeadershipLes Worthington Looking Ahead - by Retired Teachers, for Retired Teachers 003 Career/ Retirement PlanningARTA • Marilyn Bossert Lyrical Lessons: Using Music In Language Arts 011 Literacy (Sec. focus)Miranda Krogstad Preparing Students for Their Energy Future 017 Science (elem. focus)Kathy Worobec Winter is a Time for Stories 010 Literacy (Elem. focus)Phillip Campiou Amplifying Black Voices- A conversation with the Black Teachers’ Association ATA 2Dan Grassick • Matthew Sauer • Andrew Parker • Gail-Ann Wilson • Sarah Adomako Ansah • E. Patrick Powell CAD Design & 3D Printing 006 CTF/ CTSTom MacIsaac Creative Writing to Cope with Stress and Build Resiliency 027 Writing (sec. focus)Alexis Marie Chute Les routines en maths - Quoi et pourquoi? 1ère à 6e année 019 Second LanguageRenée Michaud Math Facts Made Easy: Brain Codes 013 Numeracy (sec. focus)Darren Michalczuk Me Screen, You Screen, Greenscreen! 022 Technology for LearnersTerra-Lee Gratton Métis History & Identity (More than Mixed) 020 Social (elem. focus)Lisa Cruickshank • Billie Jo Grant Mindfulness for Health, Peace and Ease (even in your classroom!) 024 WellnessTina Thrussell Opening the Door for Success for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Students: Your Assessment Practices are the Key! 002 AssessmentAAC Facilitator - Kim Waugh-Motaska Project Based Science Lessons for Grade 6-9 018 Science (sec. focus)Paul Bohnert Resisting Evil: Teaching & Radical Change 021 Social (sec. focus)Cathryn van Kessel Rocking Music Reading 001 ArtsJoyce Holoboff Self-Care for Sanity 025 Wellness 2Tina Thrussell Teaching Health and Phys Ed? We're here to help! 014 PEEver Active Schools The Psalms, Air Pods, and God 015 ReligionDr. Gerard Mclarney

11:40am MST

Being a Principal During a Pandemic 004 Collaboration (elem. focus)James Willier Health Movement in the Classroom 008 HealthCraig Ward Outreach Education 005 Collaboration (sec. focus)Ross Macdonald Teachers Deserve It 007 FeatureAdam Welcome The Pandemic Pulse: Rapid Research Evidence on COVID-19 Impacts Across Alberta K-12 Schools (45 min interactive session) ATA 2Phil McRae • PhD Time Matters - Why knowing your assignment is important! ATAAnne-Marie Huizing Inspiring Difference Makers Together 016 Safe&CaringGeorgette Theodore Kundalini Yoga & Meditation: The Yoga of Awareness 025 Wellness 2Susan Agrios Promoting Engagement in the French as a Second Language Classroom using Tasks, Games, and Music 019 Second LanguageGreg Ogilvie • Camilla Pagliericci • Amalia Alvarado • Amy Mossey Rolling into Fact Fluency - Primary Math Games 012 Numeracy (elem. focus)Jane Felling Speak Up: Performance activities to build your students' confidence 011 Literacy (Sec. focus)Miranda Krogstad "Best Bang for Your Buck" Songs 001 ArtsJoyce Holoboff A PLAYful Approach to Learning in PE and Beyond! 014 PETracy Lockwood Authentic Métis Resources 010 Literacy (Elem. focus)Lisa Cruickshank • Billie Jo Grant Auto-Marking Labs and Activities involving Unique Student-Generated Data for Math and Science using Google Spreadsheets 013 Numeracy (sec. focus)Michael Bayer Cooking with limitations:  Time constraints in the Foods and Nutrition Middle School classroom and how to make it work 006 CTF/ CTSNatasha Millan Creating Pathways of Hope: Using Design Thinking to Develop Life Promoting Cultures Within School Systems 009 LeadershipKim Tackaberry • Charlie Kraig Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship 018 Science (sec. focus)Paul Bohnert Get Out of the Ick - Quick! 024 WellnessSuze Casey Make Your Own Tipi 020 Social (elem. focus)Phillip Campiou Memory Secrets: Brain Codes 017 Science (elem. focus)Darren Michalczuk My Experience Using the Flipped Classroom 023 Technology for TeachingJennifer Williams Overarching Activities for Social 9, 10 and 20 021 Social (sec. focus)Jennifer Williams Reconnecting to Your Calling: Moving From Teacher Well-being to Being Well as Teachers 003 Career/ Retirement PlanningEver Active Schools Teaching Students to Write Cool Characters, Superheroes, and Themselves with Bestselling Author Alexis Marie Chute 027 Writing (sec. focus)Alexis Marie Chute The Dark Side of the Force and the Problem of Evil 015 ReligionDr. Gerard Mclarney Top Ten Things to Consider: Assessment within a Concept-based Curriculum 002 AssessmentAAC Facilitator - Kim Waugh-Motaska

1:00pm MST

Citizen Science in the Classroom: How to Turn your Students into Real Scientists 017 Science (elem. focus)Helen Yip Forecasting the Future & Identifying Four Strong Forces of Change for Society (45 min interactive session) ATA 2Phil McRae • PhD Hutterite Colony Schools Collaboration 004 Collaboration (elem. focus)Tina Jensen National Archery in the Schools Program 005 Collaboration (sec. focus)Hal Ziprick Slaying Dragons while Chasing Giraffes 024 WellnessLaurie Dirsa Social Change and Transformation 007 FeatureAnthony Johnson • Dr. James Makokis Teaching During a Pandemic ATAAnne-Marie Huizing Utilizing Community Building In-Person and Online 023 Technology for TeachingCarla Schneider • Sarjenka Kuryliw Writing 101 027 Writing (sec. focus)Robin Pawlak Bringing Mindfulness & KINDness Into The Classroom: Mindful Teacher Mindful Classroom 025 Wellness 2Susan Agrios Connecting the Dots- Domino Math Games for Elementary 012 Numeracy (elem. focus)Jane Felling Continuing to Build Number Sense in Middle School 013 Numeracy (sec. focus)Cathy Coers Creating identity texts 020 Social (elem. focus)Trudie Aberdeen • Nina Paulovicova Envisioning the Future After Your Teaching Journey 003 Career/ Retirement PlanningVincent Mireau Keep Kids Moving - At a Distance and Remotely with BOKS (Build Our Kids' Success) 014 PELauren Hutchison Literacy and Well-being in Your Schoolyard: Fun with Words in the Outdoors 026 Writing (elem. Focus)Kathy Worobec Supporting Adolescent Social Emotional Competency through Teen Mentoring 009 LeadershipCaroline Gosling Wahkohtowin: Cree Natural Law 008 HealthPhillip Campiou Assessment Meets the "New Normal" 002 AssessmentAAC Facilitator - Kim Waugh-Motaska Basic Electronics and Circuit Fabrication 018 Science (sec. focus)Tom MacIsaac Empower Student Voice Using Flipgrid! 022 Technology for LearnersTerra-Lee Gratton • Meaghan Knowles Imagining the Dragon: Unlocking Archetypal Themes in Popular Music and the Bible 015 ReligionDr. Gerard Mclarney Maximiser l’usage d’objets de manipulation - 1ère à 3e année 019 Second LanguageRenée Michaud Reading Comprehension Success Grades 7 to 9 011 Literacy (Sec. focus)Brigitta Goerres Running Heavy Labs In Covid Times-How Can We Do This Better? 006 CTF/ CTSJosh Backer • David Teasdale Students Love My Grade 6-8 Social Studies Projects 021 Social (sec. focus)Paul Bohnert Teaching Media Literacy Using CIVIX Resources 010 Literacy (Elem. focus)Jennifer Williams Visual Journals in the Elementary Classroom 016 Safe&CaringCassandra Christen Trauma Informed and Indigenous Ways of Knowing Art Lessons 001 ArtsAngela Hall

2:20pm MST

ATRF Your Pension Matters 003 Career/ Retirement PlanningLinda Lau • Dana Adams Coaching School Sports 005 Collaboration (sec. focus)Bryan Boychuk Cricut in the Classroom 004 Collaboration (elem. focus)Melissa Mercer Facilitating a "Game Night" Through Google Classroom 023 Technology for TeachingAlex Bernier How to Get Your Students Writing 026 Writing (elem. Focus)Robin Pawlak It's About Time! How Can We Maximize Our Time in the French Second Language classroom? 019 Second LanguageLori Lunty Social Change and Transformation 007 FeatureDr. James Makokis All Natural Soap Making for Beginners 006 CTF/ CTSDee Stokoe Dyslexia for a Day 010 Literacy (Elem. focus)Sandra Norman Healthy Play: Learning to Play, Playing to Learn! 008 HealthJen Goeres • Jen Smith Shake Up Your Elementary Fact Fluency Practice 012 Numeracy (elem. focus)Jane Felling Your Student Did What?: Helping student get out of the Basement of their Brain. 009 LeadershipAndrea Gutmann • Christie Badry Dance Around the World: Super Fun Folk Dances 014 PEJoyce Holoboff Encouraging Students to be Upstanders for Residential School Survivors 021 Social (sec. focus)Jennifer Williams Get Rollin' With Makerspaces! 017 Science (elem. focus)Terra-Lee Gratton How to Teach Controversial Energy or Environmental Issues in Your Classroom 018 Science (sec. focus)Dr. Marie Tremblay Innovative Assessment in Middle School 002 AssessmentPaul Bohnert Reading Comprehension Success Grades 10 to 12. 011 Literacy (Sec. focus)Brigitta Goerres Relax, renew and refocus with Yoga Nidra. All you have to do is lie there. 024 WellnessSusan Agrios Teaching Strategies for an EDI (Equity, Diversity Inclusion) Centred Classroom 016 Safe&CaringHelen Yip The Christ Event and the Religions of the World 015 ReligionDr. Gerard Mclarney The Effectiveness (& Joy!) of Movement 025 Wellness 2Tina Thrussell Tipi Teachings and Balanced Living 013 Numeracy (sec. focus)Phillip Campiou Using Stories to Bring History To Life 020 Social (elem. focus)Michelle Holdway Writers Notebooks in ELA Classrooms 9 to 12 027 Writing (sec. focus)Angela Contrada
Friday, February 12

9:00am MST

"What online tools do you use in your classroom? Online tools for an elementary classroom How to make your online class engaging" 004 Collaboration (elem. focus)Amber Hayward Calling All Book Lovers! 011 Literacy (Sec. focus)Suzanne Aessie • Colleen Yoshida Concept-based and Colonies 016 Safe&CaringRebecca Webster CTS Wildife 005 Collaboration (sec. focus)Hal Ziprick La résolution de problèmes, est-ce un problème? 1ère à 3e année 019 Second LanguageRenée Michaud Leveraging Emotional Energy to Educate Well 007 FeatureSajel Bellon, Ed.D, RP Report Card Writing Dos and Don'ts - using positive reinforcement for successful learners 002 AssessmentMaria (MD) Millar ᑕᐯᐧᐃᐧᐣ tapwewin: Dismantling Anti-Indigenous Racism ATAMelissa Purcell Covid Safe Drama Games 001 ArtsJacqueline Russell Fuel Your Work Day! 025 Wellness 2Pamela Boyson • Karen Olafson • Carly Armstrong Happiness Practices for the Classroom and Beyond 024 WellnessKerri Lorenson • Jodi Simmonds Loose Parts Play in Mathematics - Division One 012 Numeracy (elem. focus)Adrienne Peoples-Sprecker Neuromuscular training for PE and sport: Evidence-based programs to support continued activity participation 014 PECarla Van Den Berg Sleight of Hand Sleight of Mind- the magic behind war propaganda 021 Social (sec. focus)Greg Hunter Stress is a Habit - Let's Make it a Good One 003 Career/ Retirement PlanningVictoria Smith Teaching and Learning with Minecraft: Education Edition 022 Technology for LearnersDexter Pizzey The Lowdown on the Health Benefits of Canola and Pulses 017 Science (elem. focus)Debra McLennan • Tara Baycroft Innovative Demos Lecture Series XVII - STREAMi(Ng) DIY Science Stuff! 018 Science (sec. focus)Michael Ng Open Educational Resources: Finding, Modifying, and Creating Free Resources 023 Technology for TeachingDavid Hay Programming Languages in Robotics 006 CTF/ CTSTom MacIsaac Reading Research: Exploring the Role of Phonemic Awareness in Word Level Reading 010 Literacy (Elem. focus)Lisa Kohel • Lyndsay Bourdeau Teaching for Play when Kids Are Learning At Home 008 HealthVincent Mireau Using Google Drawings for Math Diagrams (Bring your Own Device) 013 Numeracy (sec. focus)Michael Pruden Vivid Creative Writing: A Roadmap to Crafting Original Stories 027 Writing (sec. focus)Riley Quinn When Bad Things Happen - What Teachers Can Do To Help Students 009 LeadershipKaren Sabourin First Nation Cultural Arts Experience 020 Social (elem. focus)FULLHolly Rae Yuzicapi

10:20am MST

A Call to Action for Advancing Indigenous Women in Education: Restoring Balance through Truth, Justice and Reconciliation ATAMelissa Purcell ASEBP Benefits Overview 015 ReligionJoanna Szymczyk La résolution de problèmes, est-ce un problème? 4e à 6e année 019 Second LanguageRenée Michaud Leveraging Stress for Compassion Competence 007 FeatureSajel Bellon, Ed.D, RP Student Services Team Collaboration - How to support our students at these times 005 Collaboration (sec. focus)Rose Lapointe The Power of a Graphic Novel 011 Literacy (Sec. focus)Suzanne Aessie The use of art to teach problem solving skills 004 Collaboration (elem. focus)Carole Poche 5 Strategies to Immediately Stress Less 003 Career/ Retirement PlanningVictoria Smith A Picture (Book) is worth a Thousand Lessons 026 Writing (elem. Focus)Sandra Norman Forest Findings: Grow forest education in your classroom 017 Science (elem. focus)Natalie Graveline Realist Theory and the New Cold War 021 Social (sec. focus)Greg Hunter The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund Legacy Schools program - including Canada's true history with residential schools in classrooms, moving reconciliation forward 016 Safe&CaringLisa Prinn • Sarah Midanik Book Talks for Middle/High School ELA 6 to 12 010 Literacy (Elem. focus)Bailey Almberg Innovative Demos Lecture Series XVIII - Maki(Ng) Science Wizardry Magic! 018 Science (sec. focus)Michael Ng Managing Perfectionism with Fun 008 HealthVincent Mireau One Recipe - Multiple outcomes. Foundational recipes that can be used to cover multiple outcomes across the  course levels in  High School Foods and Nutrition 006 CTF/ CTSNatasha Millan Physical Activity for All Students for FREE! with Ever Active Schools and the Be Fit for Life Network 014 PEEver Active Schools Students Communicating Math Learning in Multiple Ways 012 Numeracy (elem. focus)David Hay Teacher Wellness in the Midst of Stress 024 WellnessKaren Sabourin The Things To Be Learned - Teaching Band On-line 001 ArtsKarly Lewis What Could Go Wrong? The Simple Question Your Students Can Build a Story Around 027 Writing (sec. focus)Robin Pawlak Class Website Building 023 Technology for TeachingMatt White Pelvic Health: What you Need to Know about your Pelvic Floor! 025 Wellness 2Angela Plaquin Communication strategies - Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in our everyday lives 009 LeadershipMaria (MD) Millar

11:40am MST

Div 3 & 4 FIM 005 Collaboration (sec. focus)Elle Babin Occupational Health & Safety - Back to a Safe and Healthy Future ATA 2Dave Matson One Teacher Away | How my teacher changed my life 016 Safe&CaringSam Demma Staff (and Student) Wellness 004 Collaboration (elem. focus)Amanda Kroetch S’engager à les engager - Maths 4e à 6e 019 Second LanguageRenée Michaud Weaving Learning Strands for Inclusive Education ATAMelissa Purcell Agriculture Education for the Next Generation of Stewards 017 Science (elem. focus)Laura Pekkola • Natalie Graveline Drama in the Classroom 001 ArtsTracy Carroll Numeracy and Well-being in Your Schoolyard: Exploring Math Concepts Through Fun Outdoor Activities 012 Numeracy (elem. focus)Kathy Worobec Smudging Circle 024 WellnessPhillip Campiou Teaching the Dangers of Intolerance During Troubling Times 021 Social (sec. focus)Lisa Raber The 5 Steps to Building Resilience 003 Career/ Retirement PlanningVictoria Smith Farm to Table: Exploring Alberta's Canola and Pulses (Salad Jar Bar and Pina Colada) 006 CTF/ CTSDebra McLennan • Tara Baycroft Graphic Novels in High School ELA 9 to 12 011 Literacy (Sec. focus)Kevin McBean HIGH FIVE in Schools 014 PEJen Goeres History Tellers / Conteurs D'Histoire - Canadian history in 90 seconds! 020 Social (elem. focus)Deb Kobza Test Anxiety Protocol 002 AssessmentVincent Mireau The Core Ingredients: Exploring the role of nutrition in schools 008 HealthMatthew Mitschke True Story? Teachers in Film, TV, and Online 007 FeatureMario Trono Using Data to Prevent and Overcome Reading Difficulties 010 Literacy (Elem. focus)Bryan Allen

12:40pm MST

1:00pm MST